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Healthcare Marketing

Tricycle + Problem =
Supercharged Sales Teams

Tricycle Studios is a creative firm dedicated to solving the challenging problems medical sales teams face. Not only do we engineer solutions, but we also create supercharged sales teams in the process. We’re focused on making things for our clients that increase sales.

Why? Because no matter how beautiful our deliverable is, or how many awards we win, the true measure of our success is end user satisfaction. For many of our clients, that end user is usually the outside sales rep.


Need a medical animation, an integrated mobile selling platform, an app guru, or a trade-show / event experience?  No problem. We create beautiful and engagingly functional works that combine a deep understanding of your brand, your communication needs, and your selling environment. We’re the ones you call when there isn’t an app for that. We break down silos and create highly collaborative workshop sessions with product directors, channel owners, and brand leaders to make sure your message doesn’t get lost. We destroy soul-crushing snore-fest sales meetings and transform them to supercharged events that will empower your team.  Why? Because otherwise, what’s in it for you?

    • Creative Direction
    • Copy/Script Writing
    • Environment Design
    • National Sales Meetings
    • National Training Meetings


    • Creative Direction
    • Communications Campaigns
    • Strategy

    Marketing Services

    • Graphic Design
    • Motion Graphics
    • 3D Animation
    • OR Certified Video Production
    • Video Editing
    • Podcasts


    • UI/UX Design
    • HTML5 Programming
    • JavaScript
    • CSS
    • Platform Administration

    Mobile Interactive


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Get results you expect
in ways you won’t

Moving the sales needle takes the kind of tools and client experiences you rarely get from linear thinkers. We roll with the best creatives out there: digital media experts, storytellers, experience designers, marketing geeks, strategic brainiacs, education innovators, medical artists, science nerds, content superstars, technophiles, and a few borderline geniuses who defy labeling.

Real creativity comes from real understanding.

Changing the attitudes and behavior of medical professionals takes informed and experienced people who know the territory and speak the language, as well as the challenges of selling in a clinical environment.

Industry immersion that borders on obsession.

The most persuasive sales tools come from unique customer insights. The best insights come from immersion in the environment. That’s exactly what you get from all the time our RepTrax-certified people spend in the field with sales reps — riding along to clinics and practices, spending time in hospitals, attending meetings, and getting up before dawn to scrub-in for the O.R.

It’s the kind of industry immersion that helps identify competitive threats to protect your market share and find new marketing opportunities to drive growth. It’s using mobile technology to deliver an hour-long sales pitch in four minutes or scaling up a one-on-one sales experience to a trade-show presentation. Our insider expertise gives you the kind of strategic thinking that invents new ways to use technology, creates engaging training and sales experiences, and successfully launches new products.

We’re 103.7%* focused on science and healthcare.

Partnering with Tricycle Studios gives you a team of fanatics who are 103.7%* dedicated to the science, technology, and medical marketing space.

*Margin of error +/- 3.7%

Meet the team

You get to be happy.

(Remember that feeling?)

Want free tickets to sporting events or complimentary cases of wine, then you may want to look somewhere else. But, if your idea of happiness is getting your sales force to stand up and cheer, getting top of mind awareness for your product and brand, or having customers who are totally psyched, then you’ve come to the right place. That’s our idea of happiness too! Kind of a weird coincidence, right?

Here’s what people are saying about us:

  • “I was overwhelmed by the response of our sales team. They’re so pumped to see all the great tools and that we were really listening to what the customer is really looking for.”

    – Associate Brand Manager, Tylenol
  • “They always over-deliver on the projects and have the creative ingenuity to develop impactful materials to help educate end users, motivate employees and sell products. Their professionalism makes working with them fun, easy and pain-free. I highly recommend this team to anyone that wants to develop innovative, long-lasting, and quality media in all types of communication vehicles.”

    – Vice President of Corporate Strategy, MiMedx Group
  • “It is a fabulous tool. I’ve had the pleasure to offer it in different parts of the world. We are going to pilot it in India. It’s already installed in the UK. We’re doing translations in German, Italian, French, Spanish, and Portugese. It’s going to continue to differentiate us from our competitors.”

    – Business Unit Director, Ethicon EMEA
  • “Tricycle Studios has consistently performed beyond expectations, staying within budget and delivering ahead of schedule even under constraining timelines. The quality of the work rivals the largest agencies in the country. The outstanding service and quality of the deliverables clearly exceed expectations on a regular basis.”

    – National Sales Director, Janssen Biotech